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Butter jokes

I had a conversation about butter – among other things – earlier this week, so a page of butter jokes seemed to be as good a topic as any. As normal, don’t expect too many that are hilarious or original…




My local florist isn’t into butter. They’re not interflora either.


“I was in a play called breakfast in bed once”. “Did you have a big role?” “No, just toast with a bit of butter”.


If we got rid of all the margarine and spreads, the world would be a butter place.


Someone threw some butter, milk and cheese at me recently. I thought “how dairy”…. Then, they through some more mild cheese. I thought “that’s not very mature”.


I’d tell you a rumour about some butter on a piece of toast but you might spread it.


Why did the chap throw the contents of his fridge out of the window?  He wanted to see the butterfly.


What do you churn to make forgetful butter? Milk of amnesia


I’ve invented alphabet butter. Now just need to spread the word.


I see more and more shops selling really big butter knives. They’re becoming widespread.


Why was there peanut butter on the road? It went with the traffic jam.




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