it was bread in captivity

Zoo Jokes

Going wild this week with some zoo jokes, please do enjoy. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…




I went to the zoo and saw an antelope. I had never seen an insect get married before.


I spotted a lion at the zoo the other day. He looks like a leopard now.


I wonder if the zoo’s zebras appear more slender than they actually are because of how they wear their stripes?


Saw a deer at the zoo writing with his left and right paws. Think he was bambidextrous.


Lost money playing poker with one of the big cats at the zoo. Think he was a cheetah.


When I was at the zoo, I saw something like a frog tapping things out on a piece of wood. Turned out it was a morse toad.


I saw a loaf in a cage at my local zoo. It was bread in captivity.


I spent ages trying to get through to the zoo by phone. Apparently all of their lions were busy.


I went to the zoo and a rhino tried to charge me. I told him I had already paid.


Local zoo only has giraffes. Giraffic Park.


I went for dinner with the zoo animals the other day. They didn’t all bring their wallets, I ended up paying the lion’s share.




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