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Snooker Jokes

Looking back through some old posts, I realised there were lots of puns about snooker, but not a dedicated page, so this week’s one liners take the form of snooker jokes. As normal they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality. If you’re a fan of snooker and enjoy watching it on British TV, you might also like this.




I’m not a big fan of spider plants. One of the hardest snooker shots.


I like telekinetic snooker, but you do have to be in the right frame of mind.


My new television plays 60 frames per second. I’ve never seen such fast snooker.


I gave up playing snooker last night. The rest is history.


A friend of mine is a professional snooker player. It took him years to get a big break.


Why are actors so good at playing snooker? They know their cues.


I often get a 147 when I play snooker. It’s the bus that stops outside the hall.


How will the second shot go in this frame of snooker? Find out after the break.


When I go to watch snooker, I try to avoid the front row in case the queues are too long.


I keep turning the TV on half way through a frame of snooker. I just can’t get a break.


A lorry carrying snooker equipment has crashed on the motorway. The driver is under a rest and the cues go back for miles.


Saw a woman in a pub playing snooker & balancing a pint on her head. Beatrix Potter.




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