as I plugged in my electric car

Plug Jokes

The theme for this week’s puns and one liners is plug jokes. As normal, these come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…

Was going to plug my keyboard into the headphone socket of my laptop but was worried I might end up stereotyping.

I was going to get an electric car but I can’t find a cable long enough to keep it plugged in.

Thought it was going to be frosty so plugged my electric blanket in beside my toaster. I kept popping out of bed all night.

Saw a sign for bath plugs. I didn’t know mine was electric.

Don’t understand why my new plug in air freshener is not working. I followed the instructions, and nothing. It just doesn’t make scents. I think it might be out of odour.

A friend asked me to fix a plug earlier. I refused.

A friend of mine has set up a new business selling oversized bathroom equipment. He asked me to give him a massive plug.

I fell asleep beside the kitchen sink with the plug out. I feel completely drained now.

Really nice car park here. The sign says “You will be charged after 2 hours”. Very kind, I thought, as I plugged in my electric car.

Why do anarchists never plug anything in? Because they believe all power corrupts.

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