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Pizza Jokes

I had a pizza earlier in the week, and for some reason, it made me think that pizza would be a good topic for the jokes this week. Anyway, here are some pizza jokes, although without an extra topping of either originality or humour…




I was arguing with a friend in Pizza Hut the other day when my best mate came over, grabbed the garlic bread and coleslaw from our table and ran off. I wish he would stop taking sides.


How do you repair a broken pizza? With tomato paste.


My local pizzeria has just made the world’s largest pizza base. I’d like to see someone top that.


Burnt my Hawaiian pizza. Should have used aloha temperature.


I have been trying to write a new pizza joke but I can’t work out the delivery…


I had a goat’s cheese pizza the other day. He wasn’t happy.


Chap goes to collect his pizza and asks if he wants it cut into six or twelve pieces. “Six”, he says, “I could never eat twelve”.


How did the hipster burn his mouth? He ate pizza long before it was cool.


I would tell you a joke about pizza toppings but it’s too cheesy.


The best way to stop a pizza curling is to hide its brush.


I called a local pizza place the other night and said, “Do you do takeaways?” They said “Yes”, so I said “what’s 23452 minus 345?”




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