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Lamp Jokes

This week’s topic for puns is Lamp Jokes. However, no genie (or djini) in the lamp jokes here as that could be a page all by itself, a bit like the “how many x does it take to change a lightbulb” type, which no doubt will arrive here at some stage. Don’t, as always, expect too much (or any) hilarity or originality…




It’s easier to sleep in my son’s room in this hot weather as it’s much cooler than mine. He’s got a Spider-Man lamp and a scalextric set.


I turned off my lamp the other day. I was delighted.


My bedside lamp turned into a butterfly this morning. Last time I buy a cheap lava lamp.


When Joseph Swan thought of the light bulb, did a lamp appear above his head..?


I searched on eBay for something to light my lamp. It said “no matches found”.


I used to wonder who invented the oil lamp.  It was probably some bright spark.


I thought the hall was a bit gloomy so I lit the lamp. I’m full of bright ideas.




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