call a disco tech

Mirror Jokes

This week’s topic for one liners and puns is Mirror Jokes, so reflect on these.  As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality.




I held up my clock to a mirror. It was time for reflection.


What does a cheese say to itself in a mirror? Halloumi.


Think I would enjoy working as a mirror cleaner. It’s just something I could really see myself doing.


My mirror ball and my smoke machine aren’t working.  I’ll have to call a disco tech to fix them.


The rear view mirror fell out of my car a couple of months ago and I have never replaced it. Haven’t looked back since.


Lots of tabloid news stories about vampires recently. Can’t see them in The Mirror though.


Spotted Santa’s assistant taking a photo in a mirror. Think it was an elfie.


Got asked to leave a hall of mirrors the other week.  I said “Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out”.


When The Queen takes a photo in the mirror, is it a onesie?


On reflection, vampires aren’t that scary.


If vampires have no reflection, how do they do their hair?




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