Friday Jokes, puns and one-liners

Had to give up on my plan to set up a business making work surfaces for shops. It was counterproductive.

As always, here are some Friday jokes, puns and one liners, that are not necessarily particularly original, or terrifically funny, but they may raise the occasional smile or groan…       Sad that the local archery business had to close.  They weren’t hitting their targets.   Had to give up on my plan to… Continue reading Friday Jokes, puns and one-liners

Friday funnies…

Friend’s dog just got a place in a canine display team. It wasn’t easy, he had to jump through hoops to get it.

This perhaps could be better defined as “Friday unfunnies” than “Friday funnies”, as it is the usual weekly round up of unoriginal, and not always that funny, series of puns, one-liners and jokes.  Here goes…       My laptop keeps playing “Someone Like You”.  It’s a Dell.   I was going to plug my… Continue reading Friday funnies…

Friday’s bad puns…

A friend of mine asked me if I had seen his collection of Agatha Christie novels. I think he’s lost his Marples.

This week’s collection of bad jokes seems to be strongly focused on bad puns, with the first one among those that popped out in a conversation yesterday.  As always, I hope that you enjoy this collection of bad puns and poor jokes, which are neither original nor that funny really…!       Really good… Continue reading Friday’s bad puns…

Unfunny Friday

The economic situation might be improving. Spoke to a litter clearer earlier who said that business was picking up.

You’ve guessed it, unfunny Friday is another collection of the usual unfunny, unoriginal jokes that might make you groan rather than laugh…       The economic situation might be improving. Spoke to a litter clearer earlier who said that business was picking up.   The batteries went in my torch last night. I was… Continue reading Unfunny Friday

Friday nonsense

An old friend of mine turned out to be a back stabber. Or, as he calls it, an acupuncturist.

Friday is, as always, the day for bad jokes, puns, and other such things.  If you are missing a regular dose of Friday nonsense, here you go…  As always, don’t expect originality or even that much funniness… but possibly the odd groan.       Apparently the best way to arrange a good space themed… Continue reading Friday nonsense

Bad Joke Friday….

A girl told me that she recognised me from the local vegetarian club, but I'd never met herbivore.

Every Friday I put together a few bad jokes, which are generally not original or particularly funny.  If you are a fan of the bad joke, you might like these, though.       What do you call a man with a piece of wood on his head? Edward. What do you call a man… Continue reading Bad Joke Friday….

Some more puns for a Friday….

A friend of mine has a vegetable patch. It stops the cravings for carrots all day.

As you know, Friday is bad joke day, so here are some more puns that are not original, or even that funny… I hope that you do enjoy them, and there is a list at the bottom of the page to other, similar bad jokes…       “Sunday, Monday, Happy Days / Tuesday, Wednesday,… Continue reading Some more puns for a Friday….

More bad one-liners….

I know a guy who's addicted to brake fluid, but he says he can stop any time.

Friday morning means let’s find some more one-liners…  Here are some old, unoriginal puns to make you groan… These one-liners are no better than the normal collection..       Went to the Shoe Menders’ Convention. What a load of cobblers.   A friend’s car broke down between the harbour and Birthdays. He’s stuck between… Continue reading More bad one-liners….

A few cheesy corny puns for a Friday

A guy told me to buy shares in a company that makes alcohol from apples. He's been done for in-cider trading...

As normal, a few cheesy corny puns for a Friday, and as normal, they are not original, not new, and mostly not that funny.  But hopefully they will raise a few groans….     Ticket inspectors; you’ve got to hand it to them…   A guy told me to buy shares in a company that… Continue reading A few cheesy corny puns for a Friday

Puntastic Friday

A box keeps popping up on my screen for double-glazing. I think it’s a windows update.

As always,  Friday is cheesy pun day, and on this particular Friday, I have the pleasure of the company of Mike, for whom most of these puns were originally collected.  As normal, these may not be original, modern, or even funny, but at least they are puntastic….       A man goes into a… Continue reading Puntastic Friday