Kettle Jokes

This week’s puns and one liners take the form of Kettle Jokes. As always, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…


Glad to see my kettle calmed down. Just needed to let off some steam.


I keep taking photos beside boiling kettles. I think I have selfie steam issues.


Went into a shop and said “can someone sell me that kettle?” The shop assistant said “Kenwood?” I said “Great, where is he?”


Sad to see the water coming out of my boiling kettle. It will be mist.


Friend told me to put the kettle on. Oddest hat I’ve ever worn.


My kettle is ridiculously scaled up. Won’t fit in the kitchen now.


I was shopping for kettles with a friend. He said “wanna steel one?” “No”, I said, “I’ll pay for it”.


I call my kettle Jim Carey. It brews all my tea.


My kettle sounds like thunder and lightning. I think a storm is brewing.


I was convinced I had already boiled the kettle. Case of deja brew.


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