DJing and Grand Opening Parties: More random occurrences

I mentioned recently that I was on a trip to Krakow, Poland.  Krakow is a very pretty city, with no shortage of interesting things to see and do.  However, as seems to be the way, my trip there was not without at least some oddities and random occurrences.  We were staying in a very modern hotel – so modern that it had only been open for a couple of weeks – and everything was driven by technology, with the lights, heating and television in the room being controlled by tablets, and with other tablets available in reception with which to surf the web.


We came back one evening and found that there was a DJ with his equipment set up just outside the front of the hotel, There were photographers there to take pictures of the DJs, and as we walked out of the hotel at one stage, it felt like we could have been there to play a set.  Thankfully for those walking by, we did not try.


The DJ decks outside the hotel


When we came back the next evening, there was red carpet out of the front of the hotel, and as we walked it, we were presented with glasses of champagne.  There was even a Martini bar outside with complimentary Martinis.

The Martini barA glass of champagne

It turned out that we had stumbled across the grand opening event for the hotel, which was a rather lavish affair with plenty of wine and food being provided for a glamorous looking group of people who arrived via the red carpet.  We had a couple of glasses, and then headed out for dinner.  When we came back, the party was still in full swing, so we decided to join in.  We walked into the dining area, where the party was, and there huge displays of food that made up the buffet were still looking well populated, and we decided to help to reduce these mountains of produce.  There was a stage, and after half an hour or so, some people got on the stage, and made a couple of speeches, then there seemed to be some sort of raffle where prizes that appeared to generate great excitement from the crowd in general and the winners in particular.  Given our lack of ability to speak Polish, it was hard to tell if the general level of excitement was due to the excellent prizes – they were hidden in envelopes rather than anything that was on display – or if the very generous provision of wine through the evening had assisted in developing the excitement of the winners.

The buffetDessertsJust Desserts...The receptionSunil enjoys a glass of wineIn the party



We partook in the celebration for a little longer, and as people started to drift away from the party, we decided to do the same.  It was another at least slightly odd evening….

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