Comb Jokes

This week’s puns and one liners are all on the topic of Comb Jokes… As always, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…

Bought a bald friend a comb for his birthday. He says he’ll never part with it.

A lorry load of wigs have been stolen. Police are combing that area.

I’ve written a book about my hair styles, and how I combed my hair as a teenager is the worst part.

Not to say I’m unlucky, but the only thing I’ve ever won is a comb the day after I shaved my hair off.

Going to the barbers to have a comb over. I don’t want my hair to look a mess when he gets here.

I like to play England sports songs using items I find at home like tissue paper. Pleased that Football’s humming comb was so well received.

Ask the butcher if he had sheep’s head. He said it was just the way he combed his hair.

Asked the local chemist for a comb. She said “do you want a steel one?”. I said, “no, I’ll pay for it”.

Why do bees have sticky fur? They use honey combs.

A friend bought a new wig before going on holiday, so I got him a comb as a parting gift.

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